A Sample Test from the Annual International Microelectronics Olympiad of Armenia

1. The figure shows the circuit of frequency divider.
What expression gives the minimum period of clock pulses?

Sample Test 1

A. Tmin=tsu+tc2q+2tpinv
B. Tmin= tc2q+2tpinv
C. Tmin=tsu+thd+tc2q+2tpinv
D. Tmin=thd+tc2q+2tpinv
E. Tmin=tsu+thd+2tpinv

2. Which of the given expressions is wrong?

A. A⊕!B = !A⊕B
B. 1⊕!B⊕A = B⊕A
C. A⊕B =! A⊕!B
D. A⊕!B = !A⊕!B
E. !A⊕B = !(A⊕B)

3. When passing from one technology to the other, transistors are scaled by S <1 coefficient due to which the gate capacitance of a transistor with minimum sizes, depending on S (assuming gate oxide thickness does not change):

A. Increases by square law
B. Decreases by square law
C. Increases linearly
D. Decreases by cubic law
E. Does not change

4. Before reading from 1T DRAM cell, the bitline should:

A. Discharge to VSS
B. Discharge to Vt
C. Discharge to VDD
D. Charge to VDD/2
E. Charge to VDD-Vt

5. Sample Test 5 function's norm equals:

A. 17/32
B. 19/32
C. 11/16
D. 19/32
E. 22/16

6. What is ΨT(t)∙ΨT(t)|t=2 equal to, if Ψ=(ψ1(t), ψ2(t), ψ3(t))T is conjugate variable vector and it is known that.

Sample Test 6

A. 2
B. 14
C. 10
D. 6
E. 0

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